Current position:
Postdoctoral researcher
in the
Biomedical Imaging Group at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) with Michael Unser

PhD at ENS-PSL (Paris, France), co-supervised by Sylvain Gigan (LKB) and Florent Krzakala (LPENS)

Past and present research topics

  • Phase Retrieval: how to solve y=|Ax|^2

  • Complex media imaging: how to look deep inside thick biological samples

  • Reservoir computing: a class of random-weights Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

  • Optical computing: accelerate machine learning using optics

Relevant publications

More info on Google Scholar and CV (April 2020).

  • Deep fluorescence microscopy with a double transmission matrix model (A. Boniface, JD, S. Gigan)
    Nature Communications 2020 (article)

  • Optical computing to accelerate Reservoir Computing (JD, M. Rafayelyan, F. Krzakala, S. Gigan)
    IEEE JSTQE 2019 (articlearXiv)

  • The infinite-size limit of Reservoir Computing and acceleration with structured transforms (JD*, R. Ohana*, M. Rafayelyan, F. Krzakala)
    Oral presentation at NeurIPS 2020 (article)